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The National Jobs for All Coalition is dedicated to the propositions that meaningful employment is a precondition for a fulfilling life and that every person capable of working should have the right to a job.

The Precarious Workplace, by David Bensman, Uncommon Sense #30 [February 2016]

NJFAC Newsletter (September, 2015)   “….The National Jobs for All Coalition is poised to turn a corner. With new leadership, exciting new projects, and a stunning new website we are in a better position than ever to pursue our version of the American Dream: a living-wage job for all. For too many Americans, unemployment has turned that American Dream into a nightmare…”  Read more here

Meet the New NJFAC Leaders (September 2015)

Recent Works by Coalition Members:

The Instability of Labor and the Gig Economy, Greg Heires, from The New Crossroads blog, (May, 2016)

San Jose Ballot Measure Seeks to Raise Revenue for Publicly-Financed Jobs.   NJFAC Board Member Prof. Scott Myers-Lipton headed a successful minimum wage campaign in San Jose, CA, and is now leading the charge for a local government job creation (December, 2015)

Unemployment Policy Should Include New-Deal Style Work Programs by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, from the London School of Economics (LSE) USCentre’s Blog (December, 2015)

The Holidays: Arguing About Good Jobs with the Family by Frank Stricker, cross-posted from OpedNews.com (December, 2015)

When Government Was The Solution, by Sheila Collins, cross-posted from Truth-out.org (December, 2015)

The Federal Job Guarantee: A Step Toward Racial Justice, Darrick Hamilton, from Dissent Magazine (November 2015)

Social Security at 80: Expanded But Still Missing the Keystone (Employment Assurance)Trudy Goldberg (August 2015)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Corporate Agendaby June Zaccone (updated August 2015)

Trade Pacts vs. National Sovereigntyby Tim Canova (June 2015)

Green Jobs For All – Two Crises: One Solution,  NJFAC Flyer (June 2015)

Green Jobs for All, Trudy Goldberg at the Left Forum (May 2015)

TPP: The Trade Deal You Aren’t Allowed to Know About Until It Hits You!  by Sheila Collins, (May 2015)  More info at www.tppfreezones.org

Aspirations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by Rep. John Conyers, Gertude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins, from Huffington Post (December 2013)

A 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights: A Scorecard and a Proposal, by Gertude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins (October 2013)