Welcome to NJFAC

The National Jobs for All Coalition is dedicated to the propositions that meaningful employment is a precondition for a fulfilling life and that every person capable of working should have the right to a job.

You are invited: Celebrating New Deal NYC conference October 27th: 5:30 to 8 pm and October 28: 10 a to 4 pm

October 27th, 2017 The Dual New Deal Legacy: Creating Jobs and Building the Nation’s Physical, Environ-mental, and Cultural Infra-structure: Can We Do It Again? The New School, Theresa Lang Auditorium

October 28, 2017    Strategizing for a New, New Deal New York City Columbia Law School (Room TBA) 10:00-4:00 PM

Recent Works by Coalition Members:

NJFAC Statement On Immigration Policy 2/17    en español

CPEG Notes on Trump election, GDP Growth, and Employment, Spring 2017

Will a Robot Take Your Job?  June Zaccone, 4/17  Slides

The Persistent Racial Wealth Gap Greg Heires, from The New Crossroads blog, 3/17

Employment or Income Guarantees: Which Would Do the Better Job? Trudy Goldberg, NLF F/16  L. Randall Wray letter, Toward a New New Deal

CPEG Work-LaSalle St Tax [financial transactions tax]Bill Barclay, 8/16

The Precarious Workplace, David Bensman, Uncommon Sense #30, 2/16

The Euro: A Gold Standard with No Exit, Euro Slides  June Zaccone, 2/16

San Jose Ballot Measure Seeks to Raise Revenue for Publicly-Financed Jobs.   NJFAC Board Member Prof. Scott Myers-Lipton headed a successful minimum wage campaign in San Jose, CA, and is now leading the charge for a local government job creation 12/15

Unemployment Policy Should Include New-Deal Style Work Programs by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, from the London School of Economics (LSE) USCentre’s Blog 12/15

The Holidays: Arguing About Good Jobs with the Family by Frank Stricker, cross-posted from OpedNews.com 12/15

When Government Was The Solution, by Sheila Collins, cross-posted from Truth-out.org 12/15

The Federal Job Guarantee: A Step Toward Racial Justice, Darrick Hamilton, from Dissent Magazine 11/15

NJFAC Newsletter  11/15  “….The National Jobs for All Coalition is poised to turn a corner. With new leadership, exciting new projects, and a stunning new website we are in a better position than ever to pursue our version of the American Dream: a living-wage job for all. For too many Americans, unemployment has turned that American Dream into a nightmare…”  Read more here

Meet the New NJFAC Leaders 9/15

Social Security at 80: Expanded But Still Missing the Keystone (Employment Assurance)Trudy Goldberg 8/15

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Corporate AgendaJune Zaccone updated 8/15

Trade Pacts vs. National Sovereigntyby Tim Canova 6/15

Green Jobs For All – Two Crises: One Solution,  NJFAC Flyer 6/15

Green Jobs for All, Trudy Goldberg at the Left Forum 5/15

TPP: The Trade Deal You Aren’t Allowed to Know About Until It Hits You!  by Sheila Collins, 5/15  More info at www.tppfreezones.org

Where Are Today’s Mass Movements? Trudy Goldberg, Dollars and Sense, 1/15

Aspirations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by Rep. John Conyers, Gertude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins, from Huffington Post 12/13

A 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights: A Scorecard and a Proposal, by Gertude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins 10/13