The Federal Job Guarantee: A Step Toward Racial Justice

Cross-posted from Dissent Magazine: >>   Subscribe to Dissent Magazine Works Progress Administration poster by Harry Herzog, 1936, via Library of Congress. (Click for large version.) by Darrick Hamilton ▪ November 9, 2015 The conventional discourse about racial disparity in America is a myth. It’s a myth upheld by Democrats, Republicans, blacks, and whites alike;… Read More The Federal Job Guarantee: A Step Toward Racial Justice

Trade Pacts vs. National Sovereignty

Timothy A. Canova The late Bill Dixon, a senior partner at the Rodey law firm in Albuquerque, was an expert on First Amendment law and defender of individual rights and liberties. Before his untimely death in 2003, Dixon also sounded the alarm about the growing use of international trade agreements to undermine our national sovereignty… Read More Trade Pacts vs. National Sovereignty

Call for “First Friday” Actions

On the first Friday of each month the Labor Department releases the previous month’s unemployment numbers, and the issue of unemployment and joblessness gets attention from the news media. The National Jobs for All Coalition is urging groups and unemployed workers to hold news conferences, vigils and pickets at unemployment offices, and to take other… Read More Call for “First Friday” Actions