Environment & Jobs

Green Jobs for All: A step toward a sustainable environment.

Green Jobs For All: Two Crises, One Solution— 2 Page Flyer on green jobs legislation, updated 10/15 [PDF]

Green Jobs for All, by Trudy Goldberg, presentation at Left Forum, 5/15

If Not Now, When? A Labor Movement Plan to Address Climate Change Brecher et al, New Labor Forum, Fall 2014

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF 5/15

Green Growth: A U.S. Program for Controlling Climate Change & Expanding Job Opportunities, PERI, Pollin et al, 9/14

Better Growth, Better Climate

We Need an Energy Miracle [and government should help–“it’s about American innovation, American jobs, American leadership”] Bill Gates, Atlantic, 11/15

Six Myths about Climate Change That Liberals Rarely Question, Lindberg, 11/14

Shattering Myths to Help the Climate, Frank, New York Times, 8/3/14

Obama’s Lost Opportunity, and Ours, Collins and Goldberg, Huffington Post, 8/14

What it Will Take to Tackle the Climate Crisis, Collins & Goldberg, Huffington Post, 6/14

Leaving Something to Future Generations: A Climate Change Challenge, Goldberg & Collins, Huffington Post, 4/14

Why We Can’t Just Adapt to Climate Change, Reilly 4/14

Leaked Climate Report Points to Technology’s Lack of Progress 8/13

Green Jobs by the Numbers, CAP, 11/07

The Case for an Envionmentally Sustainable Jobs Program Mathew Forstater, Levy Instit. 2005

One Million Climate Change Jobs Now, Campaign against Climate Change trade union group

Citizens Climate Lobby

Environmental and Energy Economics

Green Economics

Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy, Pollin et al.

Fighting for ‘made in the USA’ [green car batteries]

Labor Center, UC Berkeley, Center on the Green Economy