A Living New Deal for New York City

We Built Great Things and We Can Do It Again!     

Honorary Chair:  Franklin D. Roosevelt III

Dear Friends,

We want to invite you to three upcoming events to Celebrate New Deal New York City.  We urge you to register for all three events now and to invite your members.  We are very pleased that the June conference is not only for the public but an in-service opportunity for social studies teachers and thus a means of imparting the New Deal legacy and its impetus to current action to our children.

A fourth event, a public meeting in October, is in the planning stage but outlined below. Please give us your reactions and suggestions.

  • May 11, 6 pm: Roosevelt House at Hunter College

Title: New Deal New York: A Living Legacy

Speakers:  William Leuchtenburg, Hilary Ballon and Ira Katznelson

Moderator: Owen Gutfreund

Richard Walker to introduce the Living New Deal map

Reservations: https://community.hunter.cuny.edu/roosevelt-house-pages/the-new-deal-in-new-york-city-05-11-17

Seats are limited

            Reception at 7:15 after the panel.  Map sale and signing.


  •  May 18, 6:30: Museum of the City of New York & New York Library Society (to be held at the Museum)

Title: Revisiting New York’s New Deal

Speakers: Mason Williams (Williams College) and Gray Brechin (LND)

Moderator:  Sarah Seidman, Curator of Social Activism, MCNY

Gray Brechin or Richard Walker to introduce the Living New Deal map

Pre-registration is required:http://mcny.org/newdeal

Fee: $10 with discount code LND

Reception at 8 pm after the panel.  NY Map sale and signing. US Map


  • June 8, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM:  Professional Staff Congress/CUNY Union Hall, 61 Broadway, 16thFloor

Title:  When Government Was the Solution: The New Deal’s Forgotten Legacy, Then & Now

Co-sponsored by: The New York Labor History Association with the Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT With generous support from the Professional Staff Congress CUNY, AFT Local 2334, and the National Jobs for All Coalition

Speakers TBA

Contact:  Irwin Yellowitz, iyellowitz@aol.com

8:30 – Registration, coffee

9 – 10:30  Panel I :  The New Deal & Solution to Economic and Social Crises, Then & Now 

  • The Historical Context of the New Deal and its Lasting Legacy
  • Labor Militancy and Social Movements as Catalysts for Change
  • New Deal Job Creation: A Model for Full Employment Today?
  • Right Wing Reaction to New Deal “Big Government” Spanning the Decades

10:45-12:15  Panel II:  The New Deal: Enhancing the Quality of Life for All Americans

  • An Infrastructure Program for the Decades
  • “The Rightful Heritage of All”:  The New Deal and the Environment
  • The Democratization of Culture:  the New Deal and the Arts
  • Video clip of FDR announcing FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights

12:30  Lunch

1:15 – 2:15   Walking Tour, view WPA murals in NY Custom House

1:15 – 2:45  Small Group Workshops   Applying lessons from the New Deal for Today:  What Could a New “New Deal” Do for NYC and the Country?

  1. Countering anti-government ideology
  2. The role of labor and social movements
  3. The social safety net
  4. The environment
  5. Infrastructure
  6. The arts and culture
  7. An Economic Bill of Rights for today

2:45-3:00 Break

3 :00 – 4:00 Reports from Workshops

4:00 –4:30  Closing Remarks

N.B. In-service teachers can get certificates at 2:30. School teachers can get more information from Joe Zingone, President, Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT at josepzingone@yahoo.com

  • October 27, 5:30 – 8:00 PM  Teresa Lang Auditorium, The New School

Title:  The Dual New Deal Legacy: Creating Jobsand Building the Nation’s  Physical, Environmental, and Cultural Infrastructure: Can We Do It Again?

Co-sponsored by:  Columbia University Seminar on Full  Employment, Social Welfare & Equity,

University Seminars, Columbia University, and The New School for Social Research

Speakers: TBA

  • New Dealers and “Employment “Assurance: “The First Objective in a Program of Economic Security”
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: Spirited Advocate of New Deal Job Programs
  • Building on New Deal Models: Pending Legislation:
    • H.R. 1000, the “Humphrey-Hawkins 21stCentury Full Employment and Training Act: A Race and Gender Inclusive Job Guarantee? Is it Economically and Politically Feasible?
    • H.R. 1966,  The 21stCentury Civilian Conservation Corps Act: Reviving a Model for Rescuing Youth and Preserving the Environment
    • Trillion Dollar Plans for Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure: Evaluation of Trump Administration and Democratic Senators’ Proposals
    • Beyond Jobs: An Economic Bill of Rights
    • Leading the Way: A New York City Job Guarantee and Other Local and State Initiatives
    • Organizing to Achieve Job Guarantees

A lecture at the Gotham Center of CUNY is also being planned for late October.

Please give us your thoughts about these plans. Meantime, we  hope you will register for the two lectures in May and attend,  promote and urge your members and constituents to participate in the  June and October events. Also attached is a flyer describing the Celebration.

Best regards,

Trudy Goldberg, Sheila Collins, Noreen Connell, Darrick Hamilton, Philip Harvey, Steve Leberstein, Ofronama Biu


Co-sponsors (in formation): National Jobs for All Coalition;  The Living New Deal;  Columbia University Seminar on Full Employment, Social Welfare & Equity;  CWA Local 1180;  DC 37, AFSCME;  Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition;   Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement;  Judson Memorial Church; The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; Levy Economics Institute, Bard College; Living New Deal; The New School for Social Research;  New York Labor History Association Professional Staff Congress CUNY, AFT Local 2334; We Act for Environmental Justice;  Worker Institute at Cornell ILR;  Workers Defense League