Jobs Legislation

Jobs Legislation Pending Before Congress (2015)

21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act [HR 1966] [Kaptur]

HR 1966 Summary        Cosponsors 

Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment & Training Act [HR 1000] [Conyers]

HR 1000 Summary      Cosponsors

An Answer to Unemployment: A Jobs-for-All Bill (HR 1000), by John Conyers & Phil Harvey

HR 1000 Quick Facts (Aug 27 2015), by John Conyers

Would HR 1000 Create Enough Jobs to Achieve Genuine Full Employment?, by Phil Harvey

Proposed Inflation Circuit Breaker for HR 1000, by Phil Harvey

Full Employment Caucus

National Black Caucus of State Legislators Endorses HR 1000

Jobs for All: Building the Movement for Full Employment Video  (July 9, 2014 Congressional briefing with Full Employment Caucus Members)

Can the Jobs Gap Be Filled through Temporary Public-sector Positions? Harvey 3/12 FRB, Atlanta
See also Goldberg, Temporary Emergency Relief Administration

Trudy Goldberg speaks at United States of Unemployment

We Need A WPA For Our Time, Nancy Rose [us16 (rev)]

Campaign for America’s Future interview Trudy Goldberg on Building the Full Employment Movement

Obama’s Lost Opportunity, and Ours, Collins and Goldberg, Huffington, 6/14