Unemployment Videos

Jobs For All: Building the Movement for Full Employment Jobs for All Strategy Meeting [with legislative aides and representatives of national groups working on good jobs.] Washington, DC 7/14

Building a Movement for Full Employment, Trudy Goldberg, interviewed by Campaign for America’s Future

The Struggle for Full Employment: Not a New Idea and Not a New Struggle, Ginsburg, Bell, and Goldberg 3/12

Trudy Goldberg speaks at United States of Unemployment

The Full Employment Debate — Robert Pollin

Hacker and Pierson discuss inequality with Bill Moyers

National Conference to Create Living Wage Jobs, Meet Human Needs and Sustain the Environment

Wages and the Labor Movement, Sumner Rosen et al

Labor, Jobs and Wage Issues In a forum sponsored by Rep. Dellums and the Progressive Caucus, 1997 Sumner Rosen et al

Jon Stewart on FOXCONN labor practices

Brother Can You Spare a Dime – [Yip Harburg] Dr.John & Odetta

Unions in America, Elaine Bernard, Part 1

The War Against Unions, Unions in America, Bernard, Pt. 2

The Struggle for the Employee Free Choice Act, Bernard, Part 3

The Union-NonUnion Gap, Bernard, Part 4

Unions Should Organize Unemployed, Bernard, Part 5

United States of Unemployment–99ers

A Message from Harry Bridges