GoodJobs Newsletter: Supplement 2, Fall 2008

The Drive for Decent Work*: The Heart of the Coalition’s Agenda

Drive for Decent Work resolutions.

Bill Fletcher’s has endorsed NJFAC plan for Shared Prosperity in New Labor Forum.

The National Jobs for All Coalition is one of two recipients of the First Annual John Collins Justice Award. Given to the Coalition for its contribution to economic justice, the award enables NJFAC to increase public education and outreach on behalf of the Drive for Decent Work–our plan for the creation of millions of living-wage jobs that would at the same time rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, provide vital human services and help to restore and share the nation’s prosperity (see ).

According to Rev. John Collins, the outstanding drum major for peace and justice in whose honor the Fund was established, “Nothing is more important in this country than creating living wage jobs for all. This organization has made a distinctive contribution to this cause for more than 15 years.”

In accepting the award at the Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains, New York, Coalition Chair Trudy Goldberg said, “The Coalition is honored to be associated with such an exemplar of the struggle for justice as John Collins. Now more than ever A Drive for Decent Work must be the centerpiece of a long-term solution to our economic ills. The John Collins Justice Award helps and encourages us to make Decent Work for All a reality. We invite our members and all who share our aspirations to add their contributions to this award so that we can redouble our efforts in this time of economic crisis.”

The Coalition is pleased to announce that Logan Martinez, a veteran grass-roots organizer from Dayton Ohio who has been active with NJFAC since its founding, has joined our staff as the Outreach Coordinator for the Drive for Decent Work. Logan is seeking endorsement and support for this project from organizations and individuals throughout the country. In order to learn how you can participate in the Drive for Decent Work, please contact Logan at

*Decent Work is a concept introduced and advocated by the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations. Decent work includes not only the promotion of full, productive employment but also a range of other key elements such as gender equality, social security, safety at work, social dialogue, a fair income and social protection for families. Thus, it is very close to the Coalition’s definition of full employment. Decent Work includes much, but not all, of what we mean by Shared Prosperity in the 21st Century. We are proud to join the ILO in promoting decent work. This is how Sumner Rosen, our late vice president, described Decent Work:

the central principle: clear, practical, difficult but achievable. It lays the groundwork for a global economy that will deserve to be called one of the great historic achievements, a renaissance worthy of the highest praise that history and humanity can provide.