Unemployment Data – January 2016

JANUARY 2016 Unemployment Data–the Full Count* (U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS) OFFICIAL UNEMPLOYMENT: 4.9%* White      4.3% African American 8.8% Hispanic 5.9% Asian**                           3.7% Persons with a disability**    10.8% Men 20 years and over 4.5% Women 20 years and over 4.5% Teens (16-19 years) 16.0% Black teens 25.2% Officially unemployed 7.8 million *If… Read More Unemployment Data – January 2016

Unemployment Insurance

Can My Boss Do That? Interfaith Worker Justice: work rules, hiring/ firing, safety, pay, benefits, time off, rights Unemployment Insurance, US Dept. of Labor The Next Recession Is Really Gonna Suck: The extra help unemployed people got during the Great Recession has emboldened states to mistreat them. Delaney, Huff Post 2/18 Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-18/this-number-is-a-misleading-indicator-of-u-s-labor-market-strength Unemployment Insurance… Read More Unemployment Insurance