Unemployment Videos

Jobs For All: Building the Movement for Full Employment Jobs for All Strategy Meeting [with legislative aides and representatives of national groups working on good jobs.] Washington, DC 7/14

Building a Movement for Full Employment, Trudy Goldberg, interviewed by Campaign for America’s Future

The Struggle for Full Employment: Not a New Idea and Not a New Struggle, Ginsburg, Bell, and Goldberg 3/12

Trudy Goldberg speaks at United States of Unemployment

The Full Employment Debate — Robert Pollin

Hacker and Pierson discuss inequality with Bill Moyers

Wages and the Labor Movement, Sumner Rosen et al

Labor, Jobs and Wage Issues In a forum sponsored by Rep. Dellums and the Progressive Caucus, 1997 Sumner Rosen et al

Jon Stewart on FOXCONN labor practices

Brother Can You Spare a Dime – [Yip Harburg] Dr.John & Odetta

Unions in America, Elaine Bernard, Part 1

The War Against Unions, Unions in America, Bernard, Pt. 2

The Struggle for the Employee Free Choice Act, Bernard, Part 3

The Union-NonUnion Gap, Bernard, Part 4

Unions Should Organize Unemployed, Bernard, Part 5

United States of Unemployment–99ers

A Message from Harry Bridges