African American Unemployment

The Labor Market for Black Workers is Good, But Not Quite as Good as Some Claim, Austin, Counterpunch 7/23

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An economic recovery for whom? Black women’s employment gaps show important differences in recovery rates, EPI 2/21

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Unemployment for young black grads is still worse than it was for young white grads in the aftermath of the recession, Gould & Cooke, EPI 5/16

America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality, Guo, Wash. Post, 2/16

Unemployment rates, Men

“The unemployment rate for African Americans is consistently twice as high as the unemployment rate for whites. This means that a drop in the unemployment rate for whites of one percentage point would likely be associated with a drop of two percentage points in the unemployment rate for African Americans.

For African American teens the ratio is typically six to one. This means that… letting the unemployment rate fall as low as possible is likely to have large payoffs for African Americans, especially for young people…. This may not eliminate the gap in status between whites and African Americans, but a commitment to a full employment policy may go a substantial distance in that direction.” Dean Baker, Ctr for Economic & Policy Research 6/15

Labor Force Participation Rate Men 20 and over, both races

Unemployment: The All-but-Certain Fate of Too Many Poor Black Boys: consequences tend to persist White, Atlantic, 2/16

Young Black High School Grads Face Astonishing Underemployment, Davis, EPI 6/15

Projected Decline in Unemployment in 2015 Won’t Lift Blacks Out of the Recession-carved Crater, Wilson, EPI 3/15

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Unemployment rates of young black men [age 16 to 19] 1972 to April 2015

Why Didn’t Higher Education Protect Hispanic and Black Wealth? Emmons & Noeth, FR

A College Degree is No Guarantee: Labor-Market Outcomes for Black Recent College Grads CEPR 5/14

Likely underestimate of unemployment of young black men

Displaced Minority Workers Suffered 29.6 Percent Drop in Wages from the Growing Trade Deficit with China, Scott, EPI 10/13

How Incarceration Data Affects Employment Figures 9/12

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Jobs: How Racism, Global Economics, and the New Jim Crow Fuel Black America’s Crippling Jobs Crisis, Kroll 7/11

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap, Luo, NYT, 11/09

Study Finds that Labor Department Overstates Share of Working Americans By 1.4 Percentage Points 2/06 “…the CPS overstates employment rates for blacks by about 2 percentage points, with the gap for younger black men as high as 8 percentage points. The CPS also appears to be overstating employment rates of younger Hispanic women by about the same margin, and younger Hispanic men by 3 to 6 percentage points.”

See also Dean Baker on these surveys: Do Fugitives Answer Government Surveys?

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