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The Fiscal Cliff: Why a Solution to Unemployment is the Key 5/13

Jobs for All and Women’s Rights

What Ever Happened to Shared Prosperity?

¿Que Paso Con La Prosperidad Compartida?

March on Washington and the Jobs Crisis NJFAC 8/13

Green Jobs for All: Two Crises: One Solution, NJFAC 9/14

We Have a Jobs Crisis 2/12

Resolution in Support of the Drive for Decent Work, NJFAC 5/09

Social Security Flyers

No Crisis
Private Accounts
written by Susan Bendor, Social Work, Yeshiva University; Dan Berger, Three Parks Independent Democrats; Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Emerita, Economics, Brooklyn College; Andrew Kurzweil, Treasurer, New York State Young Democrats Disability Issues Caucus; David Langer, Consulting Actuary; Martin Morand, Emeritus, Industrial and Labor Relations, Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania and union labor educator; Larry Wood, Goddard Riverside Community Center; June Zaccone, Emerita, Economics, Hofstra University; Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Social Work, Adelphi University, Chair

Facts about Social Security, 1-page summary, 8/14 June Zaccone