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State of Working America, EPI

Primer on Modern Monetary Theory, Archive, Wray

The Basics of Modern Money

How does JK Galbraith’s The New Industrial Estate hold up after 6 decades? Steve Keen 3/23

You’re the Real Job Creator: An interview with Stephanie Kelton, N+1 4/20

The Robots Are Not Coming, Henwood, Jacobin 2/20

The Student Debt Crisis, Labor Market Credentialization, and Racial Inequality: How the Current Student Debt Debate Gets the Economics Wrong, Morgan & Steinbaum, Roosevelt Instit., 10/18

Socialism and the Liberal Imagination, Williams, Dissent 8/18

Understanding the importance of monopsony power in the U.S. labor market, Bahn, Equitable Growth, 7/18

Monetary policy without a working theory of inflation, Tarullo 10/17

Time for Politicians to Stop Deficit Fearmongering, Kelton, Realnews 10/17

How Economists Turned Corporations into Predators, Parramore, INET 10/17

Rise and Fall of Keynesian Economics JMKeynes slides , Zaccone 10/17

A Moral Challenge to Economists, Rev. Dr. Wm. Barber, INET 1/17

Economic growth in the United States: A tale of two countries, Saez, Piketti, Zucman 12/16

Here’s What Economists Don’t Understand About Race, Parramore INET 10/16

Remarkable Admission On Fiscal Policy [paper by CEA head, coming back to Keynes], 10/16

$13 trillion lost last year because of war, Tharoor, Wash. Post 5/16

Top 10 Charts of 2015, EPI 12/15

Top CEOs Make 300 Times More than Typical Workers: Pay Growth Surpasses Stock Gains and Wage Growth of Top 0.1 Percent, Mishel & Davis, EPI 6/15

Labor in the 21st Century, Lazonick SSRN 2/15

How To Use Economics & Not Be Used by Economists (1 of 6) Chang

Inversion: ‘Competitiveness’ Has Nothing to Do With It, Kleinbard 8/14

Employment Impact of War,  Costs of War, Brown Univ.

Kapital for the Twenty-First Century, Galbraith on Piketty

Unmaking Global Capitalism, Gindin, Jacobin 6/14

Lost Opportunity, Goldberg, 8/14

The CBPP Full Employment Project, Bernstein 4/14

Why the Federal Reserve Needs an Overhaul, Greider, 3/14

Exit Keynes the Friedmanite, Enter Minsky’s Keynes, Barbera, Levy Instit. 9/13

How the Fed Can Jumpstart the Real Economy, Greider, 8/13

Debt Relief and the Fed’s Money-creation Power, Greider, Levy 8/13

A Much-Maligned Engine of Innovation, M. Wolf, FT 8/13

Jumping the Abyss: Marriner S. Eccles and the New Deal, 1933-1940, Nelson, INET 12/12

Federal Debt: Who Ran Up the Bill? Who’ll Pay It?, Zaccone 6/12

The Entrepreneurial State, M. Mazzucato, Demos 2011

Stacked Deck: How the Dominance of Politics by the Affluent & Business Undermines Economic Mobility in America, Callahan & Cha, Demos

350 Economists Say: Jobs Not Austerity 11/12

The Servant Economy, Jeff Faux

From Here to Full Employment, Darity 1/12

The Political Economy of Full Employment, Michael Kalecki, 1943

A U.S. Financial Transaction Tax: How Wall Street can Pay for Its Mess, Pollin

The Corporate Tax Myth, CNN Money, 2/12

Back To Full Employment, Boston Review, J/F 2011

US Infrastructure Report Card: “D” Ritholtz, 9/10

Who Ate the Dessert? Deficit mania ignores growth of income gap, deMause Extra! 6/10

Global Innovation and Jobs, M. Mandel 4/09

U.S. Corporations in the Recovery and Beyond: Conference papers

In Defense of Deficits, J.K.Galbraith, the Nation, 3/10

Where Today’s Large Deficits Come From- Economic Downturn, Financial Rescues, and Bush-Era Policies Drive the Numbers, CBPP 2/10

Federal War Spending Exceeds State Government Outlays , Ross, PR 12/09

Why Capitalism Fails The man who saw the meltdown coming had another troubling insight: it will happen again, Boston Globe, 9/13/09

Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances [the world according to Citigroup] R. Frank, WSJ, 1/07

Keynes, “National Self-Sufficiency,” Yale Rev, 1933

Health Care Budget Deficit Calculator: projected rising budget deficits mostly from skyrocketing health care costs. CEPR 8/09

Power Problem [finance and the business press], Starkman, CJR M/J/09

The worst downturn since the Great Depression, Mishel & Shierholz EPI 6/09

No Return to Normal: Why the economic crisis, and its solution, are bigger than you think, J. Galbraith, 3/09

Tools for a New Economy: Proposals for a financial regulatory system, Pollin, 3/09

Baseline Scenario; Financial Crisis for Beginners

(Very) short reading list: unemployment in the 1930s

Financial Implosion and Stagnation: Back to the Real Economy, Foster & Magdoff, 12/08

Today’s Economic Crisis in Historical Perspective, Global Labor Strats, 11/24/08

Attracting Undocumented Immigrants: The Perverse Effects of US Border Enforcement, Kaufman, 11/08

Confidence Trick, J. Miller, $ & Sense, 10/08; ongoing coverage, ibid.

How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis

Take a Walk on the Supply Side: Tax Cuts on Profits, Savings, and the Wealthy Fail to Spur Economic Growth, Ettlinger, 9/08

Wall Street crisis is culmination of 28 years of deregulation, Lightman, 9/15/08

Companies Tap Pension Plans To Fund Executive Benefits, Schultz & Francis, WSJ, 8/4/08

The Capture of Keynesianism, Palley, 4/08

Political Aspects of Full Employment, Michal Kalecki 1943