Employment of People Who Are Disabled

Source: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?g=mnAG [Data are not seasonally adjusted, and begin when the BLS began reporting rates for those with a disability.]

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“The ADA established a right to equal access to public services offered by governments and private providers and has demonstrated the importance of contributions that people with disabilities can make to our economy. Yet despite these advances, substantial disparities remain in areas of employment, earned income, access to the Internet, transportation, housing, and educational attainment. Each of these disparities contributes to poorer health for this segment of our population.

Social and employment situation of people with disabilities [EU] Ahrendt, Eurofound 11/18

Health Care for Americans with Disabilities — 25 Years after the ADANew England Journal of Medicine, 9/15
“The recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) may help improve access to health care for people with disabilities, but the persistence of health disparities and barriers to health care indicates that more remains to be done.”

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