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Reserve Army of the Hungry: “Is a Job at Starvation Level Wages a Job? In the industrialised countries in the post-war era, providing workers with the resources to allow for “food security” was not considered that big a deal. Hunger was an issue for the jobless. ….We now have people who are employed, yet need to lean on assistance — either from charities, or governments — to get adequate nutrition.”



Real gross fixed capital formation (as a percentage of GDP) and the real interest rate: The U.S. economy (1980-2018) Source: Author’s construction based data from the AMECO database. The vertical red line gives the mean (19.5%) of the gross fixed investment to GDP ratio (1980-2018).


Source: EPI, 8/19

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Unemployment is Down - Why Aren't Wages Up?


Total credit and business credit share in advanced economies, 1973–2005. Data is averaged across 17 advanced economies. Debunking Deregulation: Bank Credit Guidance and Productive Investmment 2/19

Labor’s Declining Share

Workers’ paychecks account for much less of the nation’s total income since the last recession, and the profits of businesses account for more.

Source: Paychecks Lag as Profits Soar, Cohen, NY Times, 7/13/18

The Fading American Dream: Percent of Children Earning More than their Parents, by Year of Birth


Source: If the economy is so great, why are 78 million hustling for dimes? Nutting, Marketwatch, 6/18

Black Jobless Rate Drops, but It’s Still Twice That of Whites, & Casselman, NYT 2/18

Where Did Your Pay Raise Go? It May Have Become a Bonus “Since the late 1980s, an increasing share of companies’ payrolls has gone toward one-time bonuses and awards, while the share devoted to salary increases has fallen…”Cohen, NYT Business, 1/11/18


United States leads Europe in income inequality:
Share of national income for the top 10 percent in United State and Europe

“…rising income inequality is not inevitable. It is attributable at least in part to deliberate policy decisions that have increased the incomes of the rich.”



The Physical Demands Of The U.S. Workplace | Statista

LFP 25-54, industrial OECD

Source: NYT, Porter 9/19/17


Even after transfers, very little growth for US bottom 50% since 1980. In fact, 0 growth for working-age bottom 50%  Source, Zucman, from Equitable Growth


Source: from Zucman,

Monthly swings in income can vary widely depending on how much you make.

Source: based on The JPMorgan Chase Institute

Labor share includes executives’ bonuses

Financial Times, The huge disparities in US life expectancy in five charts, 1/17



Holdings of Family Wealth

Source: Milanovic, B., Lead Economist, World Bank Research Department, Global income inequality by the numbers.
Growth of Jobs vs Working Age Population