NJFAN Newsletters

Jobs for All Newsletter, December 2023, Keeping the Dream Alive!; Employment Statistics: Let’s Tell the Whole Story; Good Jobs Are A Human Right! Review of The Case for a Job Guarantee by Pavlina R. Tcherneva; Unemployment is Down, and Attitudes Are Too; The Full Count: November 2023  Unemployment Data

Jobs for All Newsletter, July-August 2023  The Truth About Social Security “Reform”; Labor Organizing for the 21st Century; New Leadership for Columbia Full Employment Seminar; Connecticut Jobs & Human Rights Task Force Expands

Jobs for All Newsletter, February 2023 New Version of HR 1000;  Connecticut Considers Full Employment Trust Fund Bill;  National Infrastructure Bank;  Looking Back at the National Youth Administration

Jobs for All Newsletter, August 2022, NJFAN and a 21st Century Bill of Economic Rights; Raising Interest Rates is the Wrong Medicine for Today’s Inflation; Analysis of the New American Labor Movement

Jobs for All Newsletter, Special Update, April 2022, “Hard Times Ahead,” Frank Stricker

Jobs for All Newsletter, April, 2022: Union rebirth? counting volunteers; NYC: too few jobs

The problem, Mr. Mayor, is too few jobs — not too little access, Goldberg, Connell, & Aja, Daily News Op-Ed 3/22

Voting Rights letter to NYT, Trudy Goldberg, 3/22

The May 2021 Jobs Report: Inequities and Employment Barriers Persist Amidst Lower Unemployment, Frank Stricker

Jobs for All Newsletter Special Update, June 2021 New York City’s Primary Election: A Leap Forward for a Jobs Guarantee? Noreen Connell 6/21

Economic Justice, Jobs for All, and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jobs for All Newsletter #9 (December 2021) Democratizing Work, and Why the Definition of Full Employment Matters!!

Jobs for All Newsletter #8 (July, August and September, 2021) Expiring Benefits, Green Jobs for All, Raising Consciousness About Employment Justice, Infrastructure Investment vs. Job Guarantee

Jobs for All Newsletter #7 (June, 2021) Voter Suppression Threatens Economic and Social Justice, NYC Primary Election and Jobs, Ending Unemployment

Jobs for All Newsletter, Special Update, May 2021 “Why Won’t Workers Work?,” Frank Stricker

Jobs for All Newsletter #6, (April 2021) Rep. Ayanna Pressley Champions Federal Job Guarantee Resolution

Jobs for All Newsletter #5, (January 2021) COVID, Jobs, Bailouts and more

Jobs for All Newsletter #4 (September 2020): Building a Social Movement for the Job Guarantee

Jobs for all Newsletter #3 Special Advanced Issue (July 2020): Support Legislative Action on Coronavirus Aid

Jobs For All Newsletter #2 (May 2020)

Jobs For All Newsletter #1 (Jan. 2020)