“Social Security Is Not in “Crisis”

Uncommon Sense #21: (rev.) by Richard B. Du Boff, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Bryn Mawr College By any standard, Social Security is the most successful social program ever enacted in the United States, guaranteeing a measure of basic security for nearly all workers and their families. For nearly two-thirds of the elderly, Social Security provides… Read More “Social Security Is Not in “Crisis”

“Social Security: The Phony Crisis”

NJFAC Reprint Series 3 Helen Lachs Ginsburg Adapted from testimony to the New York City Council, Subcommittee on Federal Affairs, © April 29, 1998. Before Social Security was enacted, organized business and Republicans bitterly opposed it. For example, Congressman John Taber, R-NY, said in 1935: “Never in the history of the world has any measure… Read More “Social Security: The Phony Crisis”

Social Security flyer: Private Accounts

Social Security Privatization [flyer] Written by Susan Bendor, Social Work, Yeshiva University; Dan Berger, Three Parks Independent Democrats; Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Emerita, Economics, Brooklyn College; Andrew Kurzweil, Treasurer, New York State Young Democrats Disability Issues Caucus; David Langer, Consulting Actuary; Martin Morand, Emeritus, Industrial and Labor Relations, Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania; union labor educator; Larry… Read More Social Security flyer: Private Accounts