Job Related News (October 2015)

Growth Weakens in September,” Dean Baker, CEPR, 10/15

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The missing puzzle piece of the global economic recovery is finally falling into place, Bird 6/15

Union membership rate in 2014 is 11.1 percent, down from 11.3 percent in 2013

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Data–employment, earnings, family income, hours, prices, unionization

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Workplace Injury, Illness Pushing Americans Deeper Into Poverty, NBC News, 3/15

At “cheap” comes at a very hefty price, Hightower Lowdown 8/14

Report Uncovers the Real Costs of Outsourcing Public Services, JwJ 3/14

Do You Have Job Fear? What’s Why We Need Full Employment, Johnson CAF 8/13

The Missing Workers–How Many Are There and Who Are They?, Shierholz, EPI 4/13

Going Nowhere: Workers Wages since the Mid-1970s, TCF, 1/13

Unions and Other Community Groups Benefit Local Economic Development, JwJ 8/09

Welfare Aid Isn’t Growing as Economy Drops Off, NYT, 2/09

Why labor law doesn’t work for workers, Bacon [EFCA], 3/09

Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, CEPR 3/09

Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State Picture of Occupations that Gain from Green Investments, Pollin & Wicks-Lim

Unemployment may depress immune function, 4/07

Finding the better fit: Receiving unemployment insurance increases likelihood of re-employment with health insurance, Heather Boushey

Riding into the Sunset [retirement], Wm Greider, Nation, 6/05