NJFAN 9/29/21 Virtual Town Hall Meeting (Part 1)

Organized by National Jobs for All Network members on 9/29/21 in New Haven Connecticut, this Zoom town hall meeting features academics and activists working to further progressive priorities, and in particular a national jobs bill in congress.



Land Acknowledgment 

Sarianna Sabbarese  


Labor Movement Troubadour

Frank Panzarella


Event Emcee

Dr, Stephen Monroe Tomczak 


Dr. Trudy Goldberg

Chair of the National Jobs for All Network (NJFAN)


Philip Harvey

Professor of Law and Economics at Rutgers Law School


Holly Hackett 

Medicare for All-Connecticut


Aziz Dehkan

Connecticut Roundtable on Climate, Jobs


John Gonzalez-Cruz

HUSKY 4 Immigrants Coalition


Sarianna Sabbarese  

Social Welfare Action Alliance

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